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Tamil film ‘Tamil,’ based on the life and works of a Manipuri hill-dweller, is a rollicking, well-directed, heartfelt film that delves deep into the character and the culture of Tamils. It tells the story of a simple villager, played by turns Arjun (Shekhar Mann), Sanjay (Suresh Menon), Nandu (Arunchanimala Sen), and Madhusudhe (Krishnan Sankoh), who are thrown together in a complex plot to save the marriage of their friends. The film revolves around the common theme of love, war, religion, and country. Tamil cinema has always been popular, but this film is noteworthy because of its fine blend of humor and pathos.

The movie has received a warm welcome from national and international film critics. Though it may not hold the rank of Mahesh Babu’s Raat (The Desolate Area) or Kamal Amrohi’s Mankatha (Mankatha), Tamil has already created a space for itself in the film fraternity. National and international film festivals have widely promoted the movie. Even Bollywood shows interest in Tamil movies, with movies such as Karan Johar and Vijay and Ajith an outcome. Famous Tamil stars like Kumarakom and Madhubala have also received strong encouragement from the Tamil cinema fraternity.

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A day after being launched into the international market by a well-known film director, Mani Ratnam, Tamil was a hit. The movie did a brisk business in India as it was made in Tamil and proved a box office hit. But there were a few differences between the Tamil rockers and the rest of the filmmakers. They were keen to give a unique flavor to the Tamil film, which they did with aplomb. Some Tamil movies gave an entirely new taste to the genre, while others added to the already existing dimensions of Tamil cinema. There have been some super hits coming out of India recently, and it is only natural that all the leading Tamil cinema directors are trying to cash in on these successes.

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There is no doubt that tamilrockers latest url has a unique appeal. People have got in touch with the spiritual side of the people, and that is what the Tamil film industry is aspiring to do. Film fads repeat themselves in cinema, and the Tamil film industry is no exception to this. The recent Rajinikanth film “Endhiran” is an example of how art and music can go hand in making an art film. The songs in the movie blended perfectly with the visuals in a significant way.

The Tamil rockers have always given the industry a tough time. Initially, they restricted themselves from working in mainstream motion pictures, but now things have changed. Many top Tamil film stars are now making Telugu movies, and these movies have a massive response from Tamil lovers. The recent Rajinikanth film “Endhiran” has also given the Tamil rockers some much-needed space.

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The transition of Tamil rockers to mainstream stars was perhaps not smooth, and even the Tamil movie stars were not always in a comfortable position to make a hit. The directors and producers of Tamil movies had to face many hurdles when it came to picking the right artist to collaborate with and work with. Some of the Tamil rockers chose to work independently, which only highlighted the difficulty in finding them.

A decade or so back, few Tamil singers could break into the mainstream, and even today, the list of Tamil singers is concise. The popular songs of their era have influenced most Tamil rockers. The styles of the Tamil singers also vary a lot. Some are more disciplined, while others are more experimental. As Tamil rock music has changed over time, some Tamil songs are becoming quite popular only in the west.

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The popularity of Tamil movies and Tamil singers has made life for young Tamil artists much easier. The internet has enabled all of us to access information on everything. You can easily find out about the best Tamil singers as well as Tamil movies. Most people do not know the kind of fame some of the Tamil rockers have earned. It has even reached the ears of the government, as they realize that this is another source of revenue for the state. If the government starts promoting Tamil movies and Tamil singers, the other state industries too will be stimulated.


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