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Good places to shop for custom apparel boxes


Apparel brands are thriving, in the pandemic where every business has taken a hit, the apparel companies have started thriving more and more. The online shopping trend has been on the rise since the lockdowns were enforced throughout the country, shopping for clothes keeps our minds off from the calamity that the world is facing due to covid-19.

The growing trend for online shopping for clothing has increased the use of custom cardboard boxes for shipping. If you want your brand to stay trendy and exclusive among the growing competition, your packaging must be exquisite.

Don’t worry, in this blog I will be detailing the best packaging firms to go for. If you are looking for a one-stop guide for the best packaging services in the market, then this is for you.

H5 packaging

The cream of the crop. What’s not to like about impeccable service, high-quality wholesale die-cut boxes, and fast processing times? Its team uses high-end equipment to mold custom apparel boxes into their exclusive designs. That is not to say you have no say in the designs; although they are outstanding, you can introduce your own designs, or better still, your own vision for a design and their team can elevate it to greater heights.

With its wide range of boxes, H5 packaging has recently gained momentum in the packaging industry. Their professionals come from across the retail packaging industry, and they are available 24 hours a day. This is rare since most packaging firms have CS agents on standby.

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The customer service staff is outstanding, their boxes are eco-friendly, and they provide free shipping in the United States. Their finishing and printing choices elevate the look and feel of the packaging to a level that is slick, vivid, striking, trendy, and cool.

Deluxe Boxes

They have remarkable Apparel boxes that sure will draw attention to your apparel brand within your target market. If you want to increase consumer interest in your clothing collection or aim to create an amazing template for your apparel packaging go for them. Not the best but still good. Deluxe Boxes offer a range of choices. They offer to customize and print your custom cardboard box in any form, scale, or color whilst offering a variety of exclusive custom options for your apparel boxes.

Claws custom boxes

They promise that the boxes are laminated to protect them from exterior impact, distortion, or dirt while still presenting an attractive look, partly right. Claws Custom Packs pride themselves in offering the finest and exquisite styles of apparel boxes.

Additionally, versatile finishing choices are available, allowing you to customize your product to be charming and simple with an aqueous, UV spot, sleek, or subtle coating. Claws modern computers and machinery are designed to effectively handle large and small numbers. They maintain that their guarantee is rock solid as they claim that their box’s presentation is absolutely appealing from the inside out, perfectly suited and tailored for you.

Packaging Republic

Packaging republic sells high-quality clothing boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their apparel gift boxes are crafted with high-quality packaging material that will ensure that the merchandise is delivered securely to consumers. If you need assistance, their in-house apparel packaging consultants are still available to assist you.

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Custom Boxes Market

Depending on the quality of your product, they offer a variety of custom apparel boxes that are precisely tailored to the product’s specifications.  Custom Boxes Market strives to be committed to manufacturing boxes precisely to the specifications and requirements.

The Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging provides high-quality apparel boxes at competitive prices. They can manufacture clothing boxes in any format, form, or style you want. They offer selective Custom Apparel Boxes with a plastic or silicone window on the top to showcase the garments inside.


Beneco specializes in designing and developing custom fashion boxes that help your clothes stand out from the rest. Regardless of the type of clothing you choose, they provide custom packaging strategies that are tailored to the customers’ specific requirements. If you require gable packs, six-corner tie boxes, or regular shirt boxes, they create custom, aesthetically pleasing, and professionally crafted apparel boxes for your products.

Their apparel boxes are ideal for a variety of applications, including point-of-purchase packaging and gift packaging. The boxes are made of strong materials, are fully customizable, and are likely to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.



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