A Review of the MovieBox APK


Moviebox Pro lets you stream TV shows and movies for free. Moviebox Pro is available via your web browser, downloaded to your Android, IOS Windows, or smart TV.

Moviebox is primarily an online database that includes English movies and television programs. Other language titles are also possible, but these are very rare.

It is basically an entertainment app that allows you to stream and download movies and TV programs.

Moviebox Pro Features

Following are the exciting features of the Moviebox pro app:

Child Mode

You can activate the child mode if you are a father and you have children who use your phone. The pattern is required to allow anyone to view movies intended for 18+. Setup the child mode.

You Can Select the Video Player of Your Choice

You have two options in the app for video players: VLC or IJK. You can choose any of these to be your default player.

VIP Access

Moviebox is available as a freemium member. You can’t view HD videos and other restrictions apply. VIP access is required to gain full access to all features of the app.

KnfuPanda for Reviews

You can view movie reviews by going to settings and sharing them with the KnfuPanda community.

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Next Episode Play Automatically

Go to your settings, and toggle the “Play Next episode Automatically” option.

Select Subtitles Automatically

Moviebox Pro can automatically choose subtitles for any video that you are watching.

Ask a question

To ask questions, you can open a ticket. You can report any issue to the app by going to the main menu, and clicking Add a Ticket.

View your watch history

Tap history to track your watch history. To delete your watch history, tap Clear.

Support Chromecast

This feature allows you to cast your phone to any Chromecast-enabled device such as smartphones or smart TVs. Next, play the title and tap the Chromecast icon from the on-screen menu. Select your device, and you’re done. You must ensure that your Chromecast device is connected to the same network as your phone.

Movie Listing

You can either view the curated list of movies or tv shows, or make your own.

Note: You might also like CucoTV APK which is also a good movie streaming app.

Supported Operating System

●     Android

●     IOS

●     MAC OS

●     Windows

●     Smart TV

Is Moviebox Pro Safe & Legal?

Moviebox is secure. I found out from their FAQs that they don’t record any user data. They don’t even keep payment information. The app is secure.

Let’s now ask the question: Is this legal? It is not legal in all countries. Different countries have different laws regarding piracy. It all depends on where you live.

One thing is certain: App streaming and downloading content from torrent sites are illegal. Many countries have strict laws regarding piracy. You should be careful not to cause any legal problems if you are from one of these countries. The best option is a VPN that allows anonymous streaming.

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Note: Moviebox Pro is not supported by me. I also have no connection with the app. This app is not recommended for me. It is up to you whether you use the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

●     How do I download Moviebox Pro from Play Store?

The PlayStore does not have the app. You must download and install the Apk file manually.

●     Is Moviebox Pro free?

Moviebox Pro is free but subject to some restrictions. To access all features and benefits, VIP access is required.

●     Is Moviebox Pro Ads-free?

Yes, advertisements are allowed within the app.

●     Is Moviebox VIP membership compulsory?

You decide if VIP is right for you.


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