Top 3 Instagram trends to follow in 2022?


Put a cool pout on your face to draw everyone’s attention to you and reach more followers.

If you have a cute face like Selena Gomez, then you will surely look adorable in these #InstagramTrends.

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Selena Gomez from Selena Gomez: The Series on Pinterest

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Top 3 Influencer Instagram Trends

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  1. Steal These Delicious Pastries From Your Local Grocery Store

Pastries are easy to find and always have a fresh smell to it. They are absolutely delicious and most of us are not aware that they can be so cheap as well. This is something I am planning to share in this blog as well.

I am sure you will love the idea!

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Photo credits:

Cherries and Cream donuts from RiteAid

Cinnamon Rolls from RiteAid

  1. Plan a Playdate

I don’t know but my kids love to play with other kids. I guess because they get bored quite easily and I am always wondering what they are doing in the other room. I don’t want my kids to be glued to their TV all the time.

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We are always trying to entertain them but sometimes we just end up with nothing to do. This is when I started to plan playdates for my kids.

I really believe in this as I always feel more relieved and happier when my kids have something to do.

I’m sure you too will love to have a playdate with your kids. Share it in the comments below.

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Photo credits:

Gluten-Free cookie for playdate from Sprinkles

Mini chocolate eclairs from Sprinkles

  1. Eat Out More

This may seem like an extremely easy idea but actually, it is quite difficult for me. But this one that I want to share with you is a great one.

We all know how expensive and delicious food is. To save money and also help you stay healthy this is one of the best things you can do. If you are sick and tired of taking medicines, then try to eat healthily and look out for foods that are less expensive.


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