Why Kydex Holsters Are Better Than Leather


There are many benefits of Kydex holsters, not the least of which is their maintenance-free design. They are much more durable than other, cheaper plastic holsters and are lighter than leather ones. The following are just a few of the reasons why Kydex is a better option than leather.  If you are looking for kydex holsters visit this website warcat.com

Kydex holsters are maintenance-free

Unlike leather, Kydex holsters require very little maintenance. All you need to do is clean it once in a while and check that any fasteners are thread locked to ensure they don’t loosen up. Apart from this, kydex is maintenance-free, since it is not prone to absorbing moisture. Additionally, it doesn’t support mold and corrode, which are the usual issues with leather. The only things that can damage your kydex holster are excessive heat and massive shearing force.

While buying a holster, make sure that the material it is made from is durable and is easy to work with. Kydex is a thermoplastic material that is tough, impact-resistant, and resistant to abrasion. However, there are other thermoplastics on the market. Be sure to check if they have similar properties before you purchase one. If not, then you might have to settle for a non-Kydex one.

They last longer than cheaper plastics

A kydex holster has many advantages over a cheap plastic holster. For starters, it is more durable and resistant to wear and tear than cheaper plastics. Cheap holster makers often use cheaper plastics, hoping that buyers won’t notice the difference. The good news is that you can find quality Kydex holsters at a much lower price.

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A kydex holster should closely match the shape of the gun being held. Some manufacturers use blue guns, while others use wood forms. Ideally, it should fit the gun like a glove. If the holster isn’t molded properly, it can lose retention. However, this can easily be adjusted. Some adventurous guys re-form their holsters to fit a different gun.

They are lighter than leather holsters

The primary reason Kydex holsters are lighter than leather holster is weight. Leather holsters are much heavier. Leather holsters do not offer the same retention and comfort as Kydex holsters. In fact, leather holsters can wear out after prolonged use. A Kydex holster is not only lightweight but also more durable.

A quick draw is vital in life and death situations. The interior of a kydex holster is smoother than that of a leather holster, enabling a quick draw. In comparison, leather holsters have a less-smooth texture, which causes friction and drag when drawing, reducing speed. If you’re carrying a lighter gun, you may want to choose a kydex holster, which will make it easier to draw.

The biggest potential drawback to Kydex is the newer materials and manufacturing processes that are used. Unlike leather, if you have a serious accident with a Kydex holster, there is a possibility that your firearm could end up in your stomach instead of on the ground.

Kydex holsters will show wear and tear over time. This can be seen in their color change and degrade of material quality. However, they are still more durable than leather holsters. In order for leather to retain its natural beauty and suppleness, it has to be oiled regularly. This is not the case with Kydex.

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Kydex holsters are not affected by moisture. Nothing will hurt your firearm in a Kydex holster. If you carry a gun more than once every few weeks, you may want to choose a kydex holster instead of a leather holster because it will be easier to clean and maintain if you clean it daily.

They are less expensive than leather holsters

There are many reasons why Kydex holsters are cheaper than leather – one is the materials they are made of. A good leather holster will cost hundreds of dollars, but a cheaper Kydex holster will cost a fraction of the price. Leather holsters are more expensive than Kydex because they require a custom mold for each firearm. However, there are many advantages to Kydex holsters as well, including being less expensive.

Leather holsters are the most comfortable and durable of all a holsters. Leather is durable, and can last for decades. They are less expensive than leather holsters, but they require proper care. Properly cared for, leather holsters are durable and look great. Leather holsters can also be molded to fit specific handgun models.


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