Choosing the Best Value and Quality in Dehydration Equipment


Deciding on which dehydrator to purchase is an important decision. You’ll want to buy the best equipment you can afford visit, which will last you years and have good resale value. But how do you know which equipment is best for you? Here are some tips for choosing the right one:


A common type of dehydrator is a stackable model, which has trays that fit neatly on top of each other. A fan is located in the base of the machine, and it forces heated air up the sides of the trays, across them, and out the center. Stackable dehydrators are the least expensive type of dehydrator. However, this type of dehydrator is not as efficient as a box-style dehydrator, and there is a chance that the trays may not evenly distribute the heat.

Round dehydrators have a core channel that allows heated air to flow vertically. They also feature removable trays that stack easily and can be rotated during the drying process. Round dehydrators are the most common and affordable. However, they vary greatly in quality and price. The heating element is susceptible to food droplets, so choosing a rigid plastic model is not recommended. Round dehydrators are easy to clean and store.

Stackable/Horizontal Dehydrators

These dehydrators have a bottom heat source, and therefore feature an enclosed area with multiple trays. They are convenient because they require little storage space and feature a single heating element. However, their temperature is not adjustable. Stackable dehydrators must be cleaned thoroughly after each use to prevent mold buildup. They are not ideal for large quantities of food due to their small size.

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Sicilian Dehydrators

Sicilian dehydrators have the same features as round dehydrators, but are designed to fit into a large round base. These units are manufactured with solid steel and a galvanized outer finish to ensure prolonged service. The heated air is distributed horizontally, so they do not require the use of trays or a single wall to keep hot air circulating throughout the unit.

Stackable with vertical air flow

A large disadvantage of a horizontal-flow dehydrator is that it dries food unevenly and requires trays to be rotated constantly. In contrast, a vertical-flow dehydrator is easy to clean and has no such issues. In addition, its raised fronts can act as doors, making it easier to remove food. In contrast, a horizontal-flow dehydrator tends to have dead spots, where air stagnates and can’t reach the food with thetechboy.

Square Trays with horizontal air flow

Compared to the square trays used in vertical stacking dehydrators, the trays used in horizontal airflow models slide into the machine for easy checking. These dehydrators use one or two fans to push air across the food, giving them an even drying surface. Square trays come in various sizes, so you’ll want to choose one that will accommodate your food’s volume. For easy removal, you should choose a model with flexible plastic mesh, as rigid plastic can crack.


You can use a food processor to blend hard and soft foods together, creating delicious smoothies and dips. To do so, you’ll put the ingredients into the bowl of the processor and pulse them several times to achieve desired consistency. You will also have to set time intervals before serving, as some models offer you precise control over the speed.

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The spreaders on upright and fixed-angle models apply pressure to the food, forcing it through the machine. These models can be equipped with a large variety of accessories, allowing you to quickly turn your product into a meal or snack. You will use a spreader if you want to pack more product into the machine for long cooking terms. This is also useful if you need to remove some product from your dehydrator before only leaving the remainder of your treat behind.


While many dehydrators are good for home use, the price range for a commercial machine can be a little higher. There are some great machines under $1,000 and some that cost more than two grand. If money is a concern, thrift stores, garage sales, and Facebook marketplaces can be great places to find a used dehydrator. Even if you purchase a new machine, dehydrators are useful for preserving produce for your family’s snacks and an extended pantry. However, before you invest in an expensive dehydrator, consider a few things first.


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