Escape Rooms are the best places not just for the team building events for the corporates, but this place can be the best spot for birthday celebrations also. Escape Rooms can help you celebrate your child’s birthday in the most innovative way.

Some of the places where birthday parties are conducted are ‘Breakout Escape Rooms’, ‘ The Amazing Escape’, ‘ Breakout Escape Games’ in Phoenix Market City ‘ Riddle Room’, and many more.

Birthdays are special for everyone, especially the kids. They want to celebrate their birthday in their own unique way. Well then, Escape Rooms are one of the best options. There are Escape Rooms that host great birthday parties, some allow small groups whereas some rooms allow a larger group.

When you are booking an escape room for your child’s birthday party, you must see to it that the escape room that you have booked for the event can accommodate the number of people that you have invited. The larger group you have, the more the puzzles and the clues will be set. If the group is big, then they are divided into teams of two or three before starting the game.

After you choose the Escape Room where you have chosen to celebrate your birthday, you have to choose the theme. Themes can be like adventure, magic, horror, sci-fi and many more. Choose a theme that you know that your kid will surely enjoy. Choosing a theme like horror for a kid’s birthday can spoil the fun.

Once the theme for the birthday celebration is chosen, the next step is to make puzzles and clues. These puzzles and clues can be made at home itself. But while preparing the clues, make it in such a way that they are neither too easy nor too difficult, keep it a little challenging. The treasure you choose and hide can be a physical object, or it can be challenging puzzles where the people have to use their aptitude.

A birthday party in an escape room is the best way to celebrate your child’s birthday. This is an interactive game, and while trying to decode the given clues they try to push their limits to the maximum. Not just the kids, but you too can make your bond stronger by interacting with your friends and relatives. Since there is a healthy interaction between everyone, the game is also played in an enthusiastic way. One thing that we can assure you is that this is not going to be boring in any way.

But there are people who don’t choose Escape Rooms as the venue for their child’s birthday, thinking that it may be costly, or it may turn out to be boring. But that’s not so. Almost everyone who is aware of the escape room adventures wants to share that with their kids as well.

We will give you four reasons as to why Escape Rooms are the best options for birthday celebrations.

Fun filled day

There are birthday party activities that have restrictions. Birthday parties in an amusement park can become a not-so-good memory if the kids get restricted for certain rides, because of lack of their heights. Their heights can restrict them from playing the games that they badly want to play. This can change the mood of your kids and they will not enjoy their own birthday.

You can avoid these unforeseen circumstances by choosing Escape Rooms as your venue.

Celebrating your child’s birthday party in an Escape Room is fun and memorable not just for the kids, but all others who come to be a part of that celebration. The Escape Rooms will have their own way of celebration; space will be provided based on the strength of your group. There are also certain games conducted by the crew which will keep your kids entertained. The experiences in the escape rooms will be designed in such a way that they can be played in groups.

Friendly Challenge

The Escape Rooms are filled with puzzles and riddles, so solving this puzzle can sometimes become a challenge for the kids. But through these games, the child’s potential can be identified. The escape room games are played in groups, and this can help you, child, in bonding with everyone.

Since they are in groups they mingle and help each other in solving the puzzles which will help them in winning the game. They gain a feeling of accomplishment after winning the game. When the kids finish the game and say “We won the game” it feels as though they have received one of the greatest gifts for their birthday.

Cost friendly

Organizing a birthday party is a difficult task. There are a lot of things to worry about like the cake, presents, food; beverages, etc. arranging for these things can itself become expensive.

A birthday party at an escape room is budget-friendly and you can avoid an expensive outing, and a party in an escape room can become a memorable day for everyone. Crafting supplies and creative imagination is all that you need while organizing your child’s birthday.

You are different

Musical chairs and passing the ball are the common games that are played on every birthday. All the kids want their birthday to be celebrated quite differently from their friends. Celebrating your kid’s birthday in an escape room is one such way of making their day unique as well as memorable.

Your friends and Relatives look back to this day as one of their fond memories. There are games that are conducted on the occasion of the birthday party and the theme of the game can be anything like sci-fi, adventure, magic, etc. which are played in groups by all the people attending the birthday bash.

This becomes memorable not just for your friends and relatives, but your kids as well.

So if you are planning your kids’ birthday, Escape Rooms are the best option for you. It is cost-friendly and leaves you with a very happy memory.


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