Concepts You Must Understand Before Buying a Car


At present, the purchase of second-hand cars is roughly divided into several general directions, including second-hand car dealers, self-selling car owners, original-certified second-hand cars, and many people who are more reluctant to buy cars or rights cars. Check car-like PERODUA VIVA as a reference for buying purposes. Now we discuss the first step to find the right car for you is to find the right channel.

Self-selling car

The quality of self-selling cars, everyone must know that the price of self-selling cars will be cheaper than other channels. I believe this should be one of the main reasons why most people look for second-hand cars.

Why self-sold cars Is there a way to lower the price? Because it is very troublesome to buy a self-sale car, you must understand everything yourself, including loans and contracts, transfer of ownership, and the self-sale car must be delivered in the current state, and there will never be any after-sales service. There is another disadvantage. It takes time and luck to find a self-sold car and find the color grade that you like.

The car condition is actually better, and now there are more and more fake self-sold car dealers. Can you really divide it? Under what circumstances is it suitable to buy a self-sale car? The most important thing is that you or your relatives and friends know about cars very well. Knowing about car sales can help you. Then there is no need to rush to use a car, because self-selling cars have to find the car you want. It’s luck!

Used car dealers

What are the good and bad of the used car dealers? When I hear the middle-aged car dealers, I think of scams. I believe that everyone has read the news or the friends around them have similar experiences of being scammed when buying a car. However, there are still a few good car dealers. Good or bad I will mention later, in addition to cheating car dealers, what are the benefits of finding the right middle-aged car dealer to buy a car? There are professional people to assist in the loan, as long as the car is not too popular, there will be almost no car not found, and there is a certain amount of after-sales service and beauty. The premise is to find a good car dealer.

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The disadvantage is that the price must be higher than the self-sold one, but from another perspective, the service fee that people should earn when opening the door to do business is still necessary. Compared with self-selling, the difference between the two is usually only the superficial price. Poor, but I didn’t think of other detailed details first! If you don’t understand second-hand cars regardless of the process of car buying and loan transfer, I believe finding the right car dealer can help you a lot!

Original Certified Used Car

Next are the used cars certified by the original factory. Usually, the used cars from the original factory are a little bit higher in price than the outside dealerships. In fact, he sells a little bit of the brand, at least the original factory certified. He is less likely to engage in the small tricks of the middle-aged car dealers to deceive customers into spending (but I have heard of similar incidents before).

There is a pop-up shop outside of the dealership, and when buying a car, he is most afraid of encountering this kind of shop. He deceived for a year or two to collect, change a place, change a name, and open another shop to continue to deceive. At least the original factory will not have this problem, and it is more secure! However, everyone will have a misconception that the originally used cars must be very beautiful. Don’t be silly. Those cars are also sold by the former owner, but only one is sold back to the original factory and the other is sold to an outside dealership.

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If you have the impression that all the second-hand cars are cheating you, then I suggest you look for the original factory, and you should buy it with more peace of mind. The difference is that the price is more secure than the quality and after-sales service you want!

Substitute Spur Method Spur

Many people ask me, can I buy such things as car shooting? I believe that the most feared problem in this regard is that there is no way to transfer the ownership and that it will involve many, many previous car owners! However, these problems are relatively unlikely to be encountered in the current auction house. Every car in the auction house has been carefully checked by its inspector.

The car information on the tax arrears and the car status will all be clearly written. If the condition of the purchased car is different from the checked one, you can return the car directly. Can you buy it? What are the advantages of proxy shooting? The outside agency car dealers earn the handling fee and service fee. Now they are almost 8% of the transaction price.

Has the condition of the car hit the water? There are any problems and the price is transparent. You can convert it yourself. Cost-effective. The main reason for this kind of purchase channel is that the car dealer does not need to take a sum of money to bear the risk, and the pure auction simply charges a fee! The disadvantage is that you may not see the actual car unless you are very close to the auction site, but even if you go to see it, you can’t test the car, and you may not be able to deliver the car immediately after the bid is obtained because the car has to be delivered and the car It takes some time to transfer the collection of materials when it is sent.

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In the future, the car will be delivered as it is. If you go back, you will need to sort out some consumables or interior and exterior decorations. If it is not too troublesome, you can also take a photo on behalf of the car. It will be a good way for you to reach the car. It can save a small amount of money and can confirm whether the car has any accidents. Suitable for buying a car and sorting it out by yourself!

Channels of Buying a Used Car

With so many channels for buying cars, the biggest channels for buying cars are self-sales and car dealers are in Malaysia The most obvious difference is the price. But why are there expensive and cheap? What you want to see is not only the surface but the content contained in it. After understanding, judge for yourself which suits you. It’s really not difficult to buy a second-hand car.

If you want a cheap and big bowl, unless you buy a car from your relatives and friends, you can really find a car that meets your own conditions and needs by choosing your own suitable method. There is no store willing to do business that is not profitable! Follow me to learn about used cars step by step, and you will surely let you buy a used car in the future without worrying about kicking the iron plate! Follow me at


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