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Mistakes You Should Avoid When Driving at Night


Do you know? The chances of road accidents are three times higher at night than in day time. And these accidents are serious enough to cause the death of victims. Even if there’s no casualty, it can cause significant damage to your vehicle.

Even in a city like Dubai, where road conditions are quite good, accidents during the nighttime are quite common. The fact that there is a wide availability of luxury cars here, thanks to abundantly available services for rent a car in JLT, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and other popular neighborhoods, you will find many people flaunting their rides on the road. Particularly, at night time!

Most people, especially the younger generation, love to drive at night. But it requires extreme care and caution because it’s quite hard to see clearly in the dark. Moreover, the sudden weather changes are more dangerous at night. Despite accidents, some additional issues that cause more trouble at night include petrol shortage, unavailability of mechanics, and wandering animals.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to avoid night drives. However, if you have an emergency or are in a hurry to reach somewhere, must follow these tips to avoid driving mistakes that people commonly make during nighttime driving.

Avoid Distraction

No matter how sharp-minded and skilled a driver you are, you need the utmost care and focus to drive at night. Most people are habitual to listening to phone calls, and music while driving which is the major reason for distraction. Eating or drinking something while driving also causes distraction.

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People think it is a matter of seconds and do not consider it a serious matter to take your hands off the steering wheel and pick up something. But this slight distraction sometimes causes a severe accident. It’s more dangerous when driving at night because at night it’s difficult to detect or figure out the situation sharply due to low visibility. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to avoid such activities which cause distraction during driving. Especially alcohol consumption and phone calls. It will help you to drive and reach your destination safely.

Don’t Exceed the Speed Limit

At night most people take empty roads as an invitation for rush driving. In the desire to reach their destination early, they forget one of the most important rules of driving: “reaching late is better than not reaching at all”. Though roads are empty at night, the sudden appearance of turns, jumps, a signboard, or a stray dog can lead to fatal accidents. Despite these factors speed may also cause you to lose your control over the brake. It will result in serious consequences.

Moreover, exceeding the speed limit is also against the rules of traffic. Therefore, it is essential to keep your speed low during driving at night. In fact driving at high speed is equally problematic during the day and night. Average speed ensures your safety and makes you a  responsible citizen.

Alcohol Consumption

To drink alcohol while driving is strictly banned and is against driving laws. The reason is that it causes serious consequences. Alcohol not only affects your health but also causes mental distraction. It causes drowsiness which results in a loss of focus. And it leads to serious accidents which not only cause risk to your life but others too. You may also lose your loved ones just because of your slight mistake.

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The rate of fatal accidents happening during the night is three percent higher with alcohol consumption. To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones you must avoid alcohol during driving. And refuse to drive when already drunk.  You may take help from your colleague or friend to drive you home.

High Beams

Headlights of the vehicles are major helping tools to drive safely at night. However, they also cause trouble if not used in the right way. Some people use very sharp headlights which cause problems for other traffic on the road. The reason is that high beams cause the blinking or sometimes complete closing of eyes and drivers unable to see anything on the road.

Being a driver you may also face this problem several times. Therefore, prefer to use headlights with average beams. And use high capacity lights only in extra dark areas. It will not only protect you from any mishaps on the road but also cause ease for other drivers to drive at night peacefully.

Don’t Risk to Drive when You Are Fatigue

After a busy routine, it’s quite hard to drive the car and reach home. The reason is that they are extremely fatigued. And going in such conditions, especially at night may lead to serious accidents. Therefore, it’s advised to contact a leading car rental agency, such as One Click Drive, and get car rental services.

If that’s not the possibility for you, the best option is to take a cup of coffee or a glass of fresh juice to restore your energy. And start driving after relaxing sometimes. Or you may ask anyone else to drive. But in 90 percent of cases, people don’t take this matter seriously which causes a considerable rise in road accidents. 

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Now you are well familiar with all the mistakes that people commonly made during night rides. Avoid these mistakes during driving and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.



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