Home furniture A Short Guide to Choosing a Lift-Top Coffee Table Under $150

A Short Guide to Choosing a Lift-Top Coffee Table Under $150


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When it comes to furnishing your house, a lift-top coffee table might not be a necessity for every room. That being said, your living room is a good place to work/dine/chat and, except for sleeping, you often spend most of your time in there.

A report in recent years showed that the living room is always at the top of the list when it comes to decoration costs and room usage. The data shows that people would like to spend their decoration money primarily on kitchens and living rooms and also spend most of their time in master bedroom and living room. With this in mind, it is obvious that the living room holds a special place in most people’s hearts. 


Therefore, this blog will cover the following topics:

  1. What’s the Purpose of a Lift-Top Coffee Table?
  2. The Multiple Functions of Lift-Top Coffee Tables
  3. How to Decorate Your Living Room with an Appropriate Lift-Top Coffee Table?
  4. Recommendations of Affordable Lift-Top Coffee Tables Under $150
  • What’s the Purpose of a Lift-Top Coffee Table?

Compared to the average coffee table, the lift-top coffee table is multi-functional and more stylish. It has an extending work surface that lifts up, allowing you to easily access daily-used items while sitting comfortably on your couch or favorite chair. The “lift top” allows for the coffee table to serve as a dining table, a computer desk, a writing space etc., which provides more convenience for your work and life.

  • The Multiple Functions of Lift-Top Coffee Tables

Do not underestimate such a practical living room organizer, because it will surprise you and help to restructure your living room.


Thanks to the lift-top design, you no longer need to lean forward to use your laptop or eat when relaxing on your couch. The tabletop can be raised to a comfortable height and bring plates or your computer to you.

Out-of-Sight Storage

The hidden storage compartment beneath the top is designed to store everyday items like your laptops, remote/game controllers and other such items under the top when not in use, keeping them handy and dirt-free.

Limited Space-friendly

Worried that there’s no room for this “huge piece of furniture”? Don’t worry! The size of the elevating coffee table is not very large because of the lift top. Conversely, the hideaway storage compartment makes the coffee table an ideal space-saving choice for small spaces, like apartments, condos and family rooms or dens. It is small in area, but large on shelf space!

Spacious legroom

This feature depends on the design structure of the table and user preferences. You can refer to the following pictures:

If you like to put your feet under the coffee table while sitting, the U-leg design coffee table, like in the image on the left, will create roomy leg space for you to rest well when sitting on a futon, sofa or couch. The high ground clearance makes it easy for all types of robot vacuum cleaners to slip under the table. Also, the coffee table on the right features a flexible bottom shelf which robot vacuum cleaners can slip under if needed.

Btw, if you’re a clean freak, the above lift-top coffee tables are perfect for you.

  • How to Decorate Your Living Room with an Appropriate Lift-Top Coffee Table?

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” – Brian Reed (Designer & Developer)

Interior design is a headache for many people, especially for those who have small living spaces. Adhering to the concept of simple and stylish, here is some advice on choosing an appropriate lift-top coffee table for your home.

  1. Accurate measurement of your living room

You’d better get relatively accurate dimensions of your living room dimension before choosing and purchasing furniture. You may be asking yourself, “how would I measure the area and the perimeter of a standard square or rectangular room?” You can always use the simple formulas below to get a preliminary estimate on the size of the furniture you are going to buy.

How to Measure the Area (Square Footage) of a Room:

Length x Width = Area

How to Measure the Perimeter (Distance Around) of a Room:

Length + Width = Perimeter


After finishing the measurement work, you should then choose a decent lift-top coffee table based on your living room size. If you live in a big house with a spacious living room, just feel free to choose without worrying too much. If, however, you live in a very small space like a student dorm, you should pick a middle-sized round coffee table/bar table that is easier to move by yourself and is still practical. But honestly speaking, the average living room space is enough to fit most lift coffee tables.

  1. Identify your living room style

You should pay close attention to the overall style of your living room before choosing a decent lift-top coffee table, because it would be better to match furniture with similar styles. Maybe you can take some time to look around at your neighbor’s and friends’ homes, or rooms designed by experts to put together a style that resonates.

Different styles of living rooms:

◆ Contemporary


◆ Traditional


◆ Rustic

beach style

◆ Beach Style

open room

◆ Industrial

table chairs

Obviously, wooden coffee tables are popular no matter what living room they are in, but they fit especially well in the rustic or industrial style. The sleek and clean lines, along with the distressed color, create a touch of rustic appeal, making the coffee table an aesthetically pleasing piece for any décor from traditional to modern. It’s an ideal choice for the living room, office and beyond.

  • Recommendations of Affordable Lift-Top Coffee Tables Under $150

If you do need a lift-top coffee table but are on a budget, take a look at these models under $150. They are cost-effective, yet still suitable for most living rooms.

1.Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table: $136.99       $115.99


2.Yaheetech Wooden Lift Top Coffee Table: $145.99      $122.99



3.Yaheetech Modern Lift Top Coffee Table: $133.99



4.Yaheetech Rustic Industrial Lift Top Coffee Table: $145.99


In a nutshell, lift-top coffee tables are both a practical and stylish addition. The tabletop can be easily adjusted to a suitable and comfortable height for working, writing or dining while sitting on the sofa. Moreover, it is a great alternative to sitting at your desk all day. The durable materials and stable structure make the tables long-lasting, so you do not have to worry about replacing them with a new one for several years.



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