Overview of the best rates


Despite the fact that highest score in cricket is not considered a sport, especially in the CIS countries, the choice of bets in this discipline is quite diverse. It is a broad British sport. Therefore, now the world’s bookmakers use a wide range of cricket bets.

The best tournaments presented by bookmakers

The best tournaments often take place on the territory of the countries of the British Commonwealth. Championships, which are popular among sports betting enthusiasts, are held in the following countries:

  • England
  • Australia
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Canada

Cricket is also rapidly developing in the countries of the Persian Gulf. The best cricket tournaments are the Cup and the World Cup. Both men’s and women’s teams can participate in them. These tournaments are held annually. But the most iconic sporting event in cricket is still the World Cup, which is held every 4 years.


Markets represented in the list of betting companies

The bookmaker list is compiled on the basis of the prestige of the match, the importance of the game or the official status of the tournament. Most often, bookmakers present 3 main bets:

  1. Winner – which team will win the match.
  2. Handicap on points
  3. Draw winner. In such a bet, the odds will be equal on both outcomes of events.

Also, sometimes in a betting company, you can bet on the total or individual total. Another popular option is to bet on individual total runs for each over (6 innings per player).

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For the most demanded matches, in which world-famous players participate, more specific bets are added. Among these are:

  • Best Batsman Bet
  • Bet on the best result of the partnership (2 players working in pairs)
  • Bet on whether the first wicket will be taken
  • A bet on the number of points scored by the best bestman (more or less than 50)
  • First Run Out Betting and More

But such special bets are best considered only by experienced players who are well versed in the rules and nuances of this sports discipline. For beginners, it is better to use the basic base rates to gain experience.

Recommendations for preliminary match analysis

In order to increase the chances of a successful outcome of the bet, it is necessary to take the preliminary analysis of the upcoming match with full responsibility. To do this, it is necessary to study in detail the lineups of teams, the personal indicators of individual players, the position of opponents in the tournament ladder, and much more. It is also important to consider the following nuances:

Conduct format. Each tournament may have its own specific rules, on which the number of overs depends. Also, the number of overs may be reduced due to poor weather conditions.

Location of the game. During home games, the host club will be assisted by the support of dedicated fans. This will significantly increase the team spirit, faith in victory and confidence of the players. This factor is especially important for matches of major international competitions, where numerous fans gather.

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The composition of the clubs. Sometimes the result of the whole match depends on a few strong players. Before placing a bet, it is necessary to study the composition of the opponents and analyze whether all the main players will be present at the game. To do this, you can use news reports, interviews with coaches or the players themselves.

Game statistics. It is necessary to take into account the number of successful and losing matches, the physical condition of the main players, the place of the team in the tournament ladder. If there is not enough information, it is better not to bet.

Representatives of the largest betting organizations are constantly monitoring information on the Internet, social networks and player interviews. It is the condition of the key players that is the main factor on which the outcome of the entire match depends.


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