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What qualities Does an Investor Look for in an Entrepreneur?


A large number of companies at the starting point usually need working capital to start their work. Only a few companies get up and start running without using any type of private capital. Attaining money or that so-called capital is quite a difficult task. It generally requires impressing the investors and convincing them that this new business is more than any other type of business that is out in the market, and it is also worthy of their time and money.

Nearly all the investors generally make their decisions which are based on the business plan of the company. They usually look at the facts and figures of the business and its trajectory for growth. Investors typically assume whether the company will make profits or break. They usually give out their working capital loans to the entrepreneurs that they think will make it. There are other sets of factors that the investors also look for as the personality of the entrepreneur. It is a significant factor because the nature of a person usually determines whether he/she will succeed or fail in life. An entrepreneur who is having the wrong personality can ruin the chances of a brilliant business.

The various factors that a young entrepreneur should have


The first and foremost thing that a person should have is sincerity. If a young entrepreneur comes up like a rich company guy and tells them false stories about the profit or valuation of the company, they would simply turn these people away. The investors are generally rich and experienced people who many companies and individuals have already approached. If the investors feel that they’re being misled and told things about the company that is not true, they would simply reject the offer.

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Charisma is an essential quality that a person can have. This is a quality that has a lot of definitions. It is the level of likability or charm that attracts other people towards themselves. Many people usually think that a business person need not have this quality as it does not affect any type of business decision. In a business, all it matters is who makes the best decisions. However, all the entrepreneurs are also leaders. They should have the charisma to affect their workers to do work.


If a person comes to an investor meeting and tells them about their company more likely in a technical voice rather than showing something about which they would be excited or how passionate they are about their company, they will not be impressed. A person should be passionate about his/her company while presenting them to the investors. This would attract a lot of investors.


We all know that charisma and passion are often associated with ego and overconfidence. Most of the investors usually like to see a level of humility in the entrepreneurs as well. A young entrepreneur needs to be grounded with humility for several reasons. Most of the investors have also gone through a phase of failure and how they felt at that time. They also know why having kindness is so important to carry on a business. A business should also have a GST registration so that an investor could invest in it.


Finally, an essential quality in the eyes of investors that a young entrepreneur should need to have is ambition. They always like to see how hungry the entrepreneur is for attaining success. An Investor always looks for opportunities to make more money for themselves. So they always look for entrepreneurs who are equally hungry to make money.

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It is challenging for a young entrepreneur to change his/her personality to attract investors to invest in their company or business. So a person should be prudent while doing an interview or workshop to attract investors. An entrepreneur should not be afraid while showcasing their company or themselves. They can also show their previous experiences about their company to tell them about the challenges they have faced and the ways by which they have overcome them. At last, experience is the best thing that a person can get. A person can get a lot of experience while showcasing themselves in front of the investors, which they can use to attract other investors to their company.



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