Is the MacBook Won’t Turn On? Here’s How to Fix it


Suppose, you are about to send an important email, and the MacBook turns off and won’t turn on. You may think that it occurs due to insufficient charge. But, there could be several reasons behind this Mac issue. A faulty battery can prevent the laptop from turning on.

Did you spill water on the MacBook? Then, the chances are high that the keys are damaged, including the power button. Hence, the MacBook Pro won’t turn on even after pressing the “Power” key. Replace this Mac key to resolve this complicated issue immediately.

Most users take an expert’s help when the MacBook fails to reboot. However, you shouldn’t do that in the first place. There are several ways to fix this issue. However, you should know the causes behind this error before applying any solutions.

Here are the reasons and troubleshooting tips to eliminate this Mac problem:

Why is the MacBook not Turning On?

Several reasons could trigger this technical problem in Mac. A corrupted system file could restrict the device from restarting. It could occur for power-related issues. Moreover, you can encounter this error for a cracked Mac screen.

Did you recently install applications from unsecured websites? Then, there is a high possibility that the app has a virus or malware. And, this is the reason why the MacBook Pro won’t turn on. Never download any app from third-party sites, and it could increase security risks and degrade the MacBook’s performance.

Besides, the users can face this problem when the logic board stops working. An incompatible solid-state drive can be the reason behind this error. And, once you press the power button, the MacBook undergoes a series of complicated events.

The SMC controls the entire power-on process. It activates the processor to create “mini power supplies” of different voltages – 5V, 1.2V, 3.3V and 1.8V. These power supplies then turn on Mac’s memory, hard drive, keyboard and screen. And, the MacBook Pro won’t turn on if the SMC fails to function properly.

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7 Ways to Fix the “MacBook Not Turning On” Issue

MacBook Pro won’t turn on if its internal parts stop functioning. Did you update the macOS? Then, you have installed incompatible Mac software. And, it is blocking the Apple laptop from restarting. Revert to the previous macOS version to solve the error.

Mac shows a black screen for entering incorrect login details during the booting. Check the credentials beforehand to avoid this issue.

Additionally, you should try a different power outlet to connect Mac’s adapter. If these don’t work, follow these solutions to fix the issue:

1.    Check if the MacBook isn’t Turning on or Starting Up

First, you need to find out the source of this MacBook Pro problem. Mac may display no image when the device fails to restart or is stuck on the startup screen. Thus, check which one has triggered the problem in the MacBook Pro.

Startup and powering on a laptop might sound similar. But, there are major differences between these two processes. Turning on a laptop means providing electrical power to the device. Whereas, a startup is a process of preparing the device, OS, hardware or software for operation.

But, how will you know that the MacBook Pro won’t turn on? Press the “Power” button for a second, and release the key when you hear the startup chime. However, the MacBook isn’t turning on if you don’t get this sound.

Moreover, certain indications confirm the MacBook Pro won’t restart. Did you see any visuals or videos on the screen? Is the laptop showing the Apple logo? Then, the device is not even in the stage where it will refuse to startup.

Is the MacBook not turning on? Try these solutions to overcome the problem.

Check the Power Connection

An inadequate power supply could prevent the Mac from rebooting. Thus, the users need to check the power connection first. Ensure the power adapter is on and is plugged incorrectly. Additionally, you need to ensure that the Mac doesn’t have a malfunctioned battery.

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Power up the device for at least 3-4 hours. And, try to turn on the MacBook Pro after that. Still, experiencing the same problem? Then, consider getting a new power adapter. Connect it to this Apple product and use the device without hassle.

Try a Different Power Cable

Did the MacBook stop working after a power outage? Then, check the power cable. After an electrical surge, it may become faulty, leading to a “MacBook not turning on” error. Replace the existing power cord with a new one. Plug into the adapter and turn on the device in minutes.

Disconnect the Peripherals

Unplug all the accessories that are connected to the MacBook. Because these devices can conflict with the Apple laptop. For instance, the MacBook Pro won’t turn on when you connect a compatible USB drive or printer. Ensure the external devices work on the Mac to avoid the glitch.

Did you upgrade the RAM or hard drive? Check whether these Mac units are installed properly. If not, reinstall them in their right slot to solve the issue. Is the Macbook Pro not turning on even after implementing the solution? Remove the existing RAM or disk and re-insert the previous ones and check if that works.

2.    Power Cycle the MacBook Pro

Force restart the laptop to turn it on. Power cycling a MacBook is pretty simple. However, the steps to do that might vary from one Mac model to another. Do you use the 13-inch MacBook Pro? Connect it to the power adapter and hold the “Power” key for 10 seconds.

Release the power button when you get a beep sound. And, the MacBook Pro will turn on within a few seconds. Don’t plug in the charger if you use a MacBook Mini. Wait for at least 15-30 seconds before connecting the power cable.

Did the MacBook have the M1 chip? Then, press and hold the “Power” button until the “Startup” screen opens. Select the “boot a drive” option from the options list. It will restart the MacBook Pro automatically after a few seconds.

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Is the MacBook still not turning on? Proceed to the next solution to fix the problem.

3.    Check the Laptop Screen

Did you install a new Mac screen? Check the monitor’s alignment. MacBook Pro won’t turn on if the display is set up incorrectly. Thus, you need to remove the screen and reinstall it. But, don’t intervene in the screen replacement process if you don’t have technical skills.

Instead, contact a MacBook repair Dubai expert for an instant fix. Moreover, often Mac may turn on but fails to boot using a faulty screen. This prevents the device from accessing the display and causes technical problems.

If this is the case, then something is wrong with the display hardware. Ensure the display is compatible with the Apple laptop. Try to connect it to another device and check if it’s working there. Replace the Mac screen if you experience the same problem.

4.    Boot the device in Safe Mode

Safe Mode resolves the Mac startup issues effectively. It restarts the device, which the software prevents after entering incorrect login details. Additionally, this Mac tool deletes the corrupted system caches and extensions.

But, do you know how to enable the Safe mode? The steps to activate this Mac mode differ from one macOS to another. The Intel-powered Mac owners need to press “Shift” for the Safe boot. It may take a few minutes to start.

Don’t unplug the power adapter from the Mac until then. Do you use the latest MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Press the “Power” key until you get the Startup options pop up. Moreover, you need to select “startup disk” and hold the Shift key.

Click “Continue” and release the Shift key after starting the Mac in Safe Mode. Is the MacBook not turning on? Then, hold the “Shift”, “Command” and “V” keys together to enable “Safe Mode”.

However, this key combination is only available to the old MacBook models. You can’t opt for Safe Boot if you use a Mac that uses an M1 processor. And, you can check a few things once the Mac is in Safe Mode. For instance, the MacBook Pro’s macOS version and other software updates.

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Alternative Fixes for MacBook Won’t Turn on

If the above solutions didn’t work, restart Mac using a different user account if the above solutions didn’t work. Update the T2 security chip firmware to turn on the Apple laptop. Additionally, you can run a hardware test on Mac. Contact an experienced MacBook repair Dubai expert for more effective solutions.


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