Gao Han Biography

Name: Gao Han / 高寒
Chinese Name: Alpine
Profession: Actor
Date of Birth: 06 June, 1996
Place Of Birth: Changsha, Hunan, China
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 181 CM
Education: Shanghai Academy of Drama

Gao Han Dramas

Gao Han dramas list is as follow.

Drama Name ListRoleYear
Love Like the GalaxyThird Prince2022
Chong ZiChu Bufu2022
Good Words FreehandOscar2021
Lie to LoveOscar2021
Falling Into Your SmileLao K2021
You are Beautiful When You SmileOld K2021
Eternal JuechenLong Gue2021
Ancient Love PoetryChang Que2021
Princess at Large 3 (medical concubine 3rd Season)Gu Xifeng2020
Princess at Large 2 (concubine doctor 2nd Season)Gu Xifeng2020
Princess at Large (Doctor Concubine Difficult to Imprison)Gu Xifeng2018

Gao Han Movies

Here are the following Gao Han Movies List:

Movies NameYear
Cat and Dog2020
Say Goodbye to Single2020
The Living Dead as Xiao Yi2019
The soul of Chen2019
The Girl From Future as Qian Sen2018
Double 11 off single as Leng Haoran2018
Time and space smuggling2018


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