What is Computer Programming And Its Various Concepts?


Computer programming is the ability of a professional to instruct the computing machine to conduct specific tasks. It comprises various skills such as coding and the generation of different algorithms using which the user can perform different tasks on the computer. Every computer programming language has a source code that comprises the methodologies and sets of instructions that a programmer writes. The central processing unit of the computer is responsible for executing this code. A proficient computer programmer should be proficient in various programming languages. Computer programming focuses on the usage of established logical concepts and rational thinking.

Skills required to become a computer programmer

A professional career in computer programming is very rewarding for aspiring students. However, according to the programming assignment help, here are some of the skills that a computer programmer must master:

Communication: A computer programmer must have good communication skills to explain lucid and easily understandable complex concepts.

Multitasking Skills: A good computer programmer must conduct different tasks altogether. To ensure that they can execute different objectives on time, they need strong multitasking skills.

Organization Skills: Effective management of time and resources are some of the most important skills required from a professional programmer.

Attention to detail: It is important to have a knack for finding any error in the source code. Good observational skills enable the programmer to save time while coding, ensuring that they can deliver computer programming projects on time.

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Element of a programming language

According to the assignment help Perth, every programming language comprises the following elements:

  • Variables: The storage location in the programming language has a specific name associated with them.
  • Control Structures: The logical elements which analyze different variables accordingly and provide a direction in which the different programs have to run
  • Data Structure: It comprises different kinds of data sets are used for storage and analysis of various kinds of data
  • Syntax: The set of rules using which the computer programming language is syntax. A syntax has various intrinsic elements such as string variables and a development-based environment for integration.
  • Tools: As  a programmer, you can write different programs using the programming tools

List of popular programming languages

A computer programmer knows the  following programming languages:

Linux: This is a free open-source programming language. Different types of computing systems use Linux as a programming tool. Computer programmers need to have proficiency related to Linux programming to gain expertise in writing various programs in different computer systems.

Java: It is an all-purpose programming language, which ensures that codes written in this programming language can be  executed conveniently using the java virtual machines

JavaScript: Almost all the websites available on the internet run on a javascript engine. This makes it important for a programmer to be prolific in java programming.

C++: Desktop-based computer applications use  C++ programming tools to ensure desktop applications are in sync with the computer infrastructure.

C#: It is a multi-paradigm-based programming language. It provides flexibility, ensuring different types of applications and developmental tools can be used for computer programming.

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SQL: It is a database-related programming language. A computer programmer uses this language to operate computer servers. By gaining expertise in this language, one can effectively write different computer programs.

HTML: It is one of the most common programming languages in web designing. To convert multimedia pages, one uses HTML.

Types of computer programming language

Here are the different types of programming languages that you need to know about to become an effective programmer:

  • Machine Language: These are the numeric codes of 0 and 1, which serve as executable code in computer language. These languages use 16-bit source code for execution. It is the oldest computer programming language.
  • Algorithmic Language: They are used to execute mathematical and symbolic-based computations.
  • Business Oriented Language: As a business owner, you can design different types of language whose sole purpose would be to ensure that the user can obtain different business goals.
  • Object-Oriented Languages:  These languages focus on using objects instead of formal logic to execute different tasks.
  • Declarative Langues: These programming languages instruct the programmers on how to perform a certain task instead of conducting those tasks.

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