Is Your IPhone X Overheating After Normal Use? Get the Best Solution Here


The overheating of your IPhone can cause other issues like performance problems or battery drain. IPhone X is basically a flexible smartphone, however it may experience issues such as iphone X overheating.

There are two possible reasons for the overheating of your device. One is internal while the other one is external. The reason behind this could be internal overloaded processor. If you play games that have more graphics or watch HD videos, your IPhone X might get heated due to glass’s high temperature retention. The main reasons that cause overheating could be due to warm temperature or exposure to direct sun when it is kept in the pocket for long.

How do you fix the iPhone Overheating problems?

Before you visit the centers that provide the iPhone repair service Try your own fixes. Here are some of the options to try fixing issues with overheating in your IPhone:

Switch off background Refresh

The feature for background refresh of the IPhone X keeps all apps that are running in the background refreshed. They use up energy, resources and data. It is likely to cause overheating on your IPhone X. When you turn off this feature, you’ll be able to resolve all problems with overheating. Follow the steps below to disable the background refresh feature in the app:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on general
  • After that, you can click Background App Refresh to remove the feature.
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Under these options there is an array of applications with this feature that can be utilized. You may choose which apps are responsible for high temperature of your IPhone to the point of overheating. But, it is recommended to keep this option off for all apps.

Get rid of all battery-consuming applications

Another option to go to is to uninstall all large apps. The larger apps consume a lot of your phone’s energy and cause the phone to overwork. The majority of these apps come with distinct alternatives. You may install smaller applications that offer the same functions. You can remove the larger version of the application.

Go to settings, battery and look over the battery consumption details of every app. Eliminate the apps that use excessive battery.

Get rid of useless applications and eliminate them.

If applications aren’t up-to-date, you could be faced with a myriad of issues. It is essential to update them because updates comprise patches and are corrected for bugs.

Go to the App Store and update all options to ensure that all apps are up-to-date. You can also select the Update option on the app you want to update. If there are numerous apps installed on your device that aren’t used, so be sure that you remove each of them. If you need help it is possible to reach out to the IPhone Repair Dubai.

You must restart the process IPhone X

If you notice the IPhone X getting overheated, it is possible to initiate a restart to resolve the problem. The restart can be accomplished simply by pressing and then releasing the volume up button and release the volume down option. Finally press the button in a sideways direction and keep it in place until the screen is black. Press the sideways button, and wait until the display to come on when you see flashing the Apple logo blinking.

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Turn off Bluetooth & Airdrop

Each Bluetooth and Airdrop can result in overheating of your device if it is turned on for longer periods of time. It’s very simple to disable them. Simply swipe across the display of your IPhone X from top to below. Click on the various features to switch off. If turned on, they’ll be highlighted in blue, but when you switch off the feature, they change back to grey.

So, these are easy and quick fixes that you can use to repair your iPhone X repair. With these suggestions and tricks, you will be able to solve the problem with overheating of your iPhone.


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