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The number of anime viewers grows by the day as more people watch these series on various platforms. However, it can get hard to find a website where you can watch HD content. Most sites also require a sign-up and most people do not feel comfortable with providing their information. Therefore, we selected the kissanime alternatives Reddit that give the same user experience and do not cost a penny. Now you can watch anime online for free without any hassle and enjoy your free time with your favorite shows.

Kissanime Alternatives Reddit Website List

A search on the internet may overwhelm you when looking for a website to watch anime. Look no further as you can find the best kissanime alternative in this article and you can watch any show for free. These Kissanime Alternatives Site For Anime Movies provide a user-friendly interface with hundreds and thousands of episodes uploaded in the anime library. Also, you can explore your desired show on these websites using the search option. Some of the similar websites like Kissanime are as follows:

1) Ani Watcher

Aniwatch offers a wide selection of TV shows and movies with dubbed and subbed versions. This website is the best alternative to Kissanime as it provides a similar experience with the same quality. You can also select the video quality of the content and watch it high-definition. Besides, the unique interface of this site allows easy access to your shows within no time. You can benefit from the diverse selection of genres on ani.me. This site also goes by the name of Anime watcher and it features the latest episodes of your favorite shows. 

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2) AZ Interface

The extensive range of content available on this website makes it a great alternative to Kissanime. This site offers English-dubbed episodes and movies. Besides, you can find subbed versions of comics and animations as well. The A-z interface also provides a selection of genres to cater to every taste. You can explore every category of adventure, thriller, action, and horror, among several others. The dubbed versions on this website also have good audio quality so, you can enjoy any series in the English language. 

3) Otaku Stream

If you are a fan of the kiss-anime, you will love this platform as well. You can watch any anime series in high-definition video quality without the need to register yourself. Besides, the interface of this site offers a user-friendly experience for every anime fan. The main page of the otakustream anime features the latest episodes, so do not miss out on your favorite show. Also, you can enjoy hassle-free wotakoi streaming via this site. This site also has a trending anime section to keep you up-to-date with the latest content.

4) KissManga

Even though kissmanga shut down a while back, some mirror sites allow you to watch anime in the same high quality. You can also watch the popular kamisama kiss manga on this site without any hassle. Kiss Manga also updates the latest episodes of anime and manga to keep the users updated. If you are on the hunt for a similar site to Kiss Anime, this is the best platform for you. Besides, you can watch your desired show for free without paying any registration fee. 

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5) Twist.moe

twist.moe is another website for anime lovers that broadcasts the list of the latest shows of the season. This website has a simple interface with a list of alphabetically arranged series. Also, they have an option of sign-in in to the site so you can save your favorite shows and make your list. Twist moe also has a search bar to look for the show that you wish to watch on this website. Apart from a user-friendly interface, anime moe twist also features an extensive collection of animated series. 

6) hikarinoakari

hikarinoakari.com is an all-in-one platform where you can watch or listen to Japanese videos and music. This site is a heaven for cartoon lovers and Japanese singers and bands. The main page of this website features different categories, including anime, music, and a list of seasons. You can also join the hikarinoakari discord to register at the forum of this site. Moreover, this website classifies anime music into seasons for the ease of users. 

Is there a replacement for KissAnime?

There is a kissanime alternatives Reddit thread where you can find more information about the replacements. The owners of the site keep the fans updated with the latest information about the website. However, there are many platforms available where you can watch anime free in the same HD quality. These alternatives have an easy-to-use interface that provides a high-standard experience. 

Is KissAnime Safe 2021?

If you watch cartoon online for free, you may wonder if the website is safe or not. However, you do not need to worry about any virus on the kissanime site. There are no complaints about any malware or virus from this website. Meanwhile, this site is not accessible in some countries and you may need to use a VPN to access the content. 


Is KissAnime illegal?

The owners of kiss anime do not seek the owners’ authorization before uploading the content on the website. It helps keep the shows and movies free of cost for all users who love to watch anime and do not want to pay a subscription fee. However, if you face the kissanime down issues, you can explore the kissanime alternatives Reddit to find another free website.  

Why did KissAnime shutdown?

Kiss anime shutdown due to a copyright claim after the site streamed online shows for more than a decade. Nowadays, there are many alternatives available to this site that offer the latest content. One of them is Kissanime.ru that goes with the same name. Besides, you can find other mirror sites with hundreds and thousands of anime and manga shows.



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