Crypto Buying and Selling: Is It the Right Time To Invest Now?


The crypto market lived through its downtrend in spring 2022, when all crypto assets lost their value, and we could see red price indicators on crypto ratings. However, every downtrend is replaced by an upward market trend. This is a rule that works on all markets, whether it is a traditional system or digital money.

On the downtrend, many investors strive to get rid of their holdings, scared that they will lose everything. Or they convert their crypto investments to stablecoins. On the other hand, the market drop is an excellent opportunity to purchase crypto coins at low rates and hold them until the market moves up.

So if you are wondering about buying cryptocurrency now during the down trend, we recommend looking at this crisis from another angle – from the point of view of prospects. For that purpose, we recommend analyzing a crypto project thoroughly and learning its historical price indicators. 

Why Is It Worth Buying the WhiteBIT Token?

WBT token is a native cryptocurrency of the popular crypto exchange WhiteBIT. The platform operates legally and expands the crypto community at a rapid pace. It has over two million clients and excellent reviews on the Internet. 

WBT token was designed on the Ethereum blockchain, and so far, it is only available on the WhiteBIT exchange. However, when the token is listed on other large crypto platforms, its price is likely to boost, as it usually happens. So it would be a good idea to consider buying cryptocurrency now that its price is slightly higher than 5 dollars. 

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The token holders receive the following advantages:

  • Reduced fees for transactions on the WhiteBIT platform.
  • Access to additional products developed in cooperation with WhiteBIT.
  • Increased interest for the referral program participants.
  • Staking WBT token
  • Etc.

You can read more about the advantages of holding WBT token in the White Blog – the resource with plenty of helpful guides and articles on the crypto topic. 


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