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Best Way to Learn Mexican Spanish


Mexico is a North American country with coastlines in the North Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. Belize and Mexico, the United States, and Guatemala are close neighbors.

Mexicans have a range of languages, but Spanish is the official nation’s language and is spoken by most people. It makes Mexico the most populous Hispanophone country. The reality that Mexico was once a Spanish colony provides the primary reason why Mexicans started speaking Spanish.

It was 1519 when Hernan Cortes was a Spanish general who arrived in the region that is today Mexico City. Here is some information about Mexican Spanish.

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Spanish language:

The Spanish language, commonly referred to as Spanish Espaol, is a Romance language spoken as a first language by approximately 360 million people across the globe.

Alongside Spain within Europe and Equatorial Guinea in Africa, Spanish is the official language of 18 American countries and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Spanish is also referred to in the form of Castilian throughout Latin America.

Still, it is becoming more widely used within Spain due to the dialect from which everyday Spanish developed.

Difference between Mexican Spanish and Spanish:

The reason is that The Spanish used in Mexico differs from the Spanish used in Spain. While the two countries, Mexico and Spain, speak Spanish, there are significant variations between Spanish and Mexican dialects.

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The designation Castilian Spanish is given to the Spanish dialect used in Spain. American Spanish, also known as Mexican Spanish, is given to this dialect. The majority of those who speak it are from Central and South America.

The article covers several distinctions that can help you with your Spanish study. These distinctions are critical to understanding while conversing with Spanish speakers, regardless of your level of proficiency.

To identify yourself as Spanish or Mexican speakers, use the following tips.


In Europe, there are various types of Spanish spoken across Europe, for instance, Mexican Spanish. Outside of Spain However, Iberian or European Spanish is the most well-known.

 Knowing the distinctions between Spanish and Mexican Spanish terminology will make it easier to communicate. Some of the most important word given below:



One of the primary elements of learning a new language is learning the correct pronunciation and understanding that hearing the exact words spoken in different ways by speakers of the language can be confusing.

Before an, I or an “e,” most regions of Spain pronounce the letters “s,” “z,” and “c” as a /. The sound is like “the” sound in English “th” sound in English, which is the sound used in “thing.” On the contrary, Mexican’s practice sessions which is the exact opposite of how Americans practice. Each of the letters (s, c, and z) is pronounced like the English “s” in Sesear.

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There is no sound for V since V and B are both pronounced differently. Both sound in the same manner as in the English letters B. But in Mexico and possibly all-over Latin America, V appears to be an amalgamation of both the English B sound and that of the V, but it has a lower frequency.


When you’re addressing someone who you do not know and who is older or to whom you wish to show respect in Spanish, Spain is a proper form of the first person used. Utilize “usted,” the “t” form of the verb, to address someone you know. Make use of “usted” (single) or “Ustedes” (plural) when using the proper form. It’s not necessary to differentiate between them in Mexico.

“Vosotros” is also used in Spain, while “Ustedes” is used in Mexico. “Lesmo and Lasmo” is another difference in the language. The misuse of direct subject pronouns “le” is known as “Lesmo.” “Lasmo” refers to the misuse of indirect object pronouns. “Lasmo” refers to the misuse of the direct object pronoun “la.”


You’ll be able to distinguish Spanish and Mexican Spanish after reading this article. If you’re learning Spanish, it is recommended to adapt your vocabulary and accent to your requirements.

Study Mexican Spanish if you plan to travel or stay in Latin America. The voice will sound natural and can assist you in communicating more effectively if you’re planning to move to Spain; however, you’ll need to focus on the Spanish accent to speed up your learning.

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