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5 Necessary Skills to Make It as a Freelancer


When compared to a conventional 9-to-5 job, freelancing is thought of as a laid-back profession that doesn’t require as much effort. There may be certain relaxations that you’ll enjoy in freelance work but only with equal if not more, hard work and determination will you be able to do it successfully. 

Freelancing has its fair share of benefits, like flexible work hours, financial freedom, and being the boss. However, people often undermine the dedication and basic skill set required to make it as a freelancer. 

Here are the five necessary skills one needs to have to be a successful freelancer.

Time Management 

Procrastination is easy when you don’t have to adhere to a strict routine. Just because you can delay a project or work assignment, doesn’t mean you should. 

Time management is the number one skill to master as a freelancer. It is important to create a schedule, prioritize your tasks based upon urgency or importance and stick to that schedule. As a result, you will be able to meet deadlines. 

Like an office job, you are not in an environment, which separates you from distraction instead you work from the comfort of your home. This can lead to laziness and taking things too easy. 

To combat this, remove all distractions from your workspace and give yourself routine breaks so you do not burn out. Identify a time of the day you’re most productive and establish a strategy to utilize it to the maximum. 

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Effective Communication

Communicating in an effective manner entails conveying your messages using clear and professional terms, responding timely, and achieving absolute clarity over client expectations by asking relevant questions. 

No matter what the mode of communication is, these conditions need to be met for it to achieve its purpose. Most times, a potential mistake can be avoided by effective communication, as it allows one to build a better relationship with the client and understand what they expect the project outcome to be. 

During written correspondence, it is wise to keep your messages free of errors and professional. Furthermore, you should have a written record of all financial agreements and project expectations.  

Efficacious Negotiation Strategy 

The financial aspect of freelancing is a bit more nuanced and tricky than that of a standard job. Unlike a regular job, there is no standardization of pay instead, it varies from client to client and depends upon your skillset.

It is, therefore, important to value yourself correctly. You should not be underselling yourself nor should you be overselling your skillset as that will cause you to lose potential clients. If you’re new to the field, it’s okay to earn less and focus on building a reputation in the community. As you gain experience and expertise, start charging more for your services. 

You need to be excellent at marketing your skillset and confident in what you can offer. The way you approach the financial aspect of the project will also vary from client to client. Take into consideration the nature of the project, the deadline within which you need to deliver, and the quality of work when negotiating a price.

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Before you start working on the project, make sure you’re clear on the pricing, the method of payment, and the time of payment to avoid any inconvenience. 

Critical Thinking and Criticism  

Things are not always as cut-and-dried when it comes to freelance projects. With different clients, there’ll be different expectations and you may experience hindrances and obstacles during a project. 

Your job isn’t just to complete the work assigned but to identify any problems with the project and provide an effective solution to counter them. Critical thinking will set you apart from other service providers and establish you as an expert.

It is important to understand that feedback is an essential part of improvement. You are human and you’re bound to make mistakes, just have a positive attitude towards receiving criticism. Do not take it personally instead, consider it an opportunity to improve yourself. 

Ability to Self-Learn

It is paramount to update your skillset as time goes by, so you stay relevant to the field. As a freelancer, you have to be an excellent self-learner. You should keep looking for courses that offer updated information or teach skills relevant to your niche. 

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In Summary

The Freelancing industry has seen a boom in the past few years with more skilled personnel making the switch and becoming digital nomads. It has a lot to offer from flexible job hours to excellent pay rates, but can also be demanding. 

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Lack of discipline is one of the key reasons why many people fail as a freelancer. Going into it, people don’t realize the hard work, determination, and skillset necessary to make it as a freelancer. These five skills will help you navigate through your freelancing career successfully.



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